Esplanada Studio by Tatiana Bilbao & at103


Context and shape of the building

This artist’s studio is located in a residential area in the west corner of Mexico City, over a 20m x 40m site. The project has an underground parking space and its formed by a building with 3 levels (a triple-height space, offices on the third level and a service area on the roof), with a very specific architectural program. There were two conditions: on one hand, to be used as a studio and, on the other, to serve as venue for private temporary exhibits. The client asked us for the next spaces: one apartment for guests artists that could stay for a time while developing a practice or a show, a 9×9x9mt space for work or exhibit, one Studio / Office, one kitchen in the large space to use as a side bar for openings and parking for 25 cars.


The project conditions itself to the centre of the space, both the east and the west sides open up, this allows viewing of the trees and gardens on the site.


Construction and Technical Aspects

A 14 x 8 mt cantilevered concrete structure covers the exterior program, used for different open-air activities such as lectures, exhibitions or just as a meditating area. The concrete cantilevered structure contains the studio and office spaces that over looks the main space of the exhibit area. This project is mainly interested in its spatial qualities, than in the programmatic conditions itself, due to its multiple and diverse events. All the building is exposed in white concrete.

1504811366_tb-explanada-33461261148381_tb-explanada-33521247122034_tb-explanada-3656840102914_tb-explanada-3475546082107_tb-explanada-3448169040746_tb-explanada-3349978502939_tb-explanada-3358899804375_tb-explanada-32051382688224_tb-explanada-3451565437679_tb-explanada-3202TB_Estudio Explanada plan level basement txplan level 1plan level 2plan level 3TB_Estudio Explanada plan level roofsection 2section 1

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4 thoughts on “Esplanada Studio by Tatiana Bilbao & at103

  1. quiero saber si la esrtructura que se utiliza es de hormigon? tambien me gustaria que me manden el proceso de construccion de esta obra.muchas gracias

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